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Health Insurance for International & Exchange Students Studying in Canada

You may be an international student, exchange student, intern, co-op student attending any accredited school in Canada. Top quality health insurance at a very low cost is available to cover you either during the waiting period before you qualify for a Canadian government health plan, or for your entire study period.

  • Note to school administrators:

    We excel at setting up customized group insurance programs for schools.

  • Note to students:

    You can purchase coverage either before you depart your home country or after you have arrived in Canada. Contact us with your study scenario (what school you will study at, how long you will study there, and if you will hold a study permit) so we can send you an application form for the right plan.

Why do I need health insurance?

Because, your health and well-being are extremely important.

If you suffer a sickness or injury, the most important thing is for you to get the proper medical attention.  Without health insurance, the high cost of medical services in Canada could limit your access to the care you would need, or leave you with a large debt to pay.

A health insurance plan from your home country may not cover you once you leave that country, may not offer adequate coverage for Canada, and may not provide the service of arranging medical evacuation in the event of a critical emergency. We can provide you a plan at a low cost and which will let you rest at ease knowing that you are well covered.

Some Canadian provinces offer international students coverage under the provincial government medical health plan and of those some require you to wait a qualifying period. Contact the government health insurance agency in the province that you and/or your child will staying for more information.