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The Broker's Edge

As an independent insurance brokerage we stand out in the marketplace for the solutions we offer, our personalized service, and our expertise. Our clients benefit from our position and partnerships within the competitive insurance market.

What extra value does an experienced insurance broker offer?

As brokers we concern ourselves with the experience and protection of our clients in the following ways:

  • While representing the market of options, we build on relationships with insurers that pay their claims and we promote products not only on the merits of the policy wording, but on the extent we have experience of the insurers' claims service.
  • Whenever possible, we get involved in product development and policy writing to keep the legal wording and the intent of that wording as clear as possible for benefit of both our clients and the claims examiners.
  • When necessary we go to bat for our clients and assist in the communications and claim settlement with the insurer. Sometimes this means coaching our clients through the procedures reasonably employed by the insurer to prevent insurance fraud and ensure that claims fall within the intent of the policy benefits. Other times this means intervening with the insurer in order to settle a complaint about unsatisfactory service or claim decisions. We are glad to testify that the instances requiring our intervention have been infrequent.