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Extended Health & Dental Plans

To supplement Provincial Health Coverage, Canadian residents rely on extended health and dental insurance to help cover a number of potential out-of-pocket expenses, such as for ambulance service, prescription drugs, medical supplies, dental care, vision care, etc.  

People who do not have extended health and dental coverage through an employee or association group plan can purchase a personal (individual or family) health and dental plan, of which there are two types:  

1.    “Medically underwritten” plans
2.    “Conversion Plans” which offer guaranteed coverage exclusively for people who apply within 60 days of coming off a group benefits plan

Medically underwritten plans” require you to disclose medical history on the application and most pre-existing medical conditions get excluded from coverage, at least under the drug benefit.  But, on the upside they have a lower premium and offer the most generous benefit limits (especially for drug coverage) for new/unexpected conditions.  Thus, underwritten plans offer the best value for applicants who are healthy and do not have an existing medical condition, or for applicants who have an existing condition but are not concerned about having prescription drug coverage for that condition.  

Conversion plans” typically cost more than medically underwritten plans, and have lower annual limits on prescription drug coverage, BUT are offered on a guaranteed basis meaning that one can obtain drug coverage even for existing medical conditions.

DCIS offers both types of personal extended health and dental plans from the following leadingproviders. For a personalized consultation and proposal we invite you to send in our
Quotation Request Form specific to Personal Extended Health & Dental coverage.

Please contact us for information about PBC personal health plans which are for residents of British Colubmia.


Here is a link to our online quotation/application page for GWL Sonata Health plans, which are medically underwritten plans.  GWL Sonata Health 

Here is a link to our online quotation/application page for GWL Plan Direct plans which are ‘conversion plans’ exclusively for people who apply within 60 of leaving a group benefits plan.

GWL Plan Direct

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation with one of our licensed insurance brokers.