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David Cummings photoDavid Cummings Insurance Services (DCIS), located in Vancouver, BC, was established in 1987 and became incorporated on May 17, 1996. Around 1990, David Cummings made the strategic decision to specialize in the provision of international health and travel insurance. Since that time, DCIS has been a leading provider of health and travel insurance for international students, visitors to Canada, landed immigrants, expatriates worldwide (working and retired), traveling Canadians, and more.

As an independent insurance brokerage, our ongoing mission and commitment is to provide clients with personalized service and superior products, at competitive prices. In addition to sourcing quality products available in the marketplace, we work with our clients and underwriters to create custom solutions to deliver unmatched value.

Our commitment to personalized service is promised whether we are working with a group client or an individual. Our clients are:

  • Well advised,
  • Offered competitive solutions,
  • Equipped to use insurance successfully,
  • Supported at time of claim.

We realize that insurance is an intangible product and that people purchase medical coverage out of prudence and for peace of mind. Peace of mind is only sustainable if the people who have a medical claim find real value in their purchase. As brokers, we are here to help the public purchase the most suitable product at a competitive price, and we are also a valuable source of 3rd party support at time of claim.

Let us go to work for you.

We welcome you to read our Vision Statement.

Our Licensed Insurance Brokers

David J. Cummings Licensed Insurance Broker, Founder & President

Jason R. Cummings Licensed Insurance Broker, General Manager 

Gwyneth Laidlaw Licensed Insurance Broker

Our Administrative Team

Andrew Chiu Manager, Operations

Jeanie Chuang Administrative Assistant & Licensed Insurance Broker

Sharon Forsyth Executive Assistant