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It is one thing for us to say that we are very good at what we do. Here is what some of our valued clients and friends have to say about us.

From Individuals & Families:
From Corporate Clients:

Individuals & Families

“Thanks again, I am consistently impressed by your brokerage's personalized customer service... I feel like I'm dealing with real people, and not an automated machine!”
 -  Fiona (Canadian expatriate)

"Hi Jason,
We want to thank you for the time you took to help us fill out our claim form. You did that so graciously.
Many thanks again. We really appreciated your kindness and patience."

A & M  (Canadian Travellers)

"We have had dealings with insurance brokers over many years in the UK, Europe and other international businesses and rarely, if ever, found a company so dedicated to their clients as "David Cummings Insurance Services", Jason and Gwyneth were extremely professional in all their dealings and particularly conscientious in ensuring we received the correct product, at the right time. Their understanding of the changing requirements in the Super Visa and Parental Sponsorship immigration market was most encouraging and made our progress through the mine field of legislation very much smoother than it would otherwise have been. Our sincere thanks to all at DCIS and we can state without hesitation that we confidently recommend their excellent service"
 -  Walter and Moira (PG-1 Super-Visa Visitors)

“I took your advice.  I'm again very appreciative for all the time and effort you have spent for us. Your honesty, knowledge and professionalism is exemplary!”
 -  Frank – (Canadian traveler)

“When I spoke to Jason at DCIS, it was a pleasant surprise to see someone who was knowledgeable about the various insurance products, but more importantly, had the patience to understand my case, speak with me at leisure and then provide options on the way forward.”
 -  Sponsor of a parent applying for the Super Visa

“We have been dealing with David Cummings Insurance for over 10 years for Travel Insurance, not only for our clients, but our own family members. David and Jason and their staff are knowledgeable, service oriented, and a pleasure to work with!”

Jeffrey S. Lowe
Chief Inspirational Officer
Lowe & Company
Canadian Immigration and Business Lawyers

"Hi Gwyneth, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for answering each question that I asked. Your knowledge and patience is remarkable. I have inquired to a few agencies and trust me, it makes a difference when a Broker like you answers directly bullet by bullet. I am truly well advised.”
 -  Sponsor of a parent applying for the SuperVisa

“Gwyneth, that was crystal clear. I feel privileged to work with somebody that can help me make actual sense of insurance policies ;) You will be hearing from us soon. Thanks again for your patience.”
 -  Sponsor of a parent applying for the SuperVisa

“Hello Jason and Gwyneth. Thank you for your ongoing support regarding our Expatriate Medical Insurance for last four + years. We have been provided with very timely service and good solutions to our needs by you and your company, thanks.”
 -  Expatriate client

“My 93 year old mother recently purchased travel insurance from David Cummings Insurance, and Gwyneth Laidlaw looked after her beautifully. Gwyneth explained to my mother all of the unfamiliar insurance terms and concepts in the policy, and offered excellent advice as to what coverage my mother really needed. Gwyneth was responsive to all of my mother’s requests and concerns. She was patient, caring and demonstrated a noticeable sense of responsibility. My mother and I both felt totally satisfied with our experience with David Cummings Insurance, and with Gwyneth Laidlaw.”
 -  Daughter of a Canadian traveller

“Thanks so much for your efforts, Jason. I will look into it further and I appreciate your informed advice. It was very pleasant speaking with you and I learned a good deal in our conversation which I promise I will put to good use.”
 -  Expatriate client

"Thanks once again gentlemen for kind co-operation that you have extended to my son. You won my heart.”
 -  Father of an international student from India.

"I have always been impressed by Cummings customer service. When we met with Jason he patiently explained the policy to us and answered all the questions we had. I felt very safe insuring with Cummings Insurance services as I felt comfortable there would not any hidden costs or situations. My claims have been handled well and any follow up questions with Gwyneth have been dealt with in an efficient and timely way. I appreciate doing business with Cummings and would use them for all my insurance needs in the future".
 -  Expatriate client

“Dear Gwyneth: It is always so easy a cruise, knowing that I can lean on you for all of my travel insurance needs. Thank you for splendid, no-brainer service!”
 -  Canadian traveller

“Good day, I would like to bring to your attention the excellent service I received from Gwyneth Laidlaw at your Vancouver office. She promptly responded to all my questions, was quick to assist me to take out the travel insurance I needed and was friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend David Cummings Insurance to friends and colleagues as a result. Thank you for excellent service!”
 -  Pam (Canadian traveller)

To Whom It May Concern,

My wife, Margaret, and I have used the services of David Cummings Insurance Services for many years.  Until recently, these services have been relatively straightfoward dealing with travel and short business ventures outside of the country; however, due to an extended contract for a client in Los Angeles, we were faced with a lot more choices and, consequently, needed a lot more input in order to decide what was best for the client and us.

In this instance, we were very pleased to work with Gwyneth Laidlaw, who researched many options on our behalf and enabled us to present both reasonable financial packages as well as full medical coverage to our employer.  The attention to detail was characteristic of all the Gwyneth did as she highlighted the 'pros and cons' of differing policies as well as executed the billings and mailing of documents to reach us as we travelled.

We cannot emphasize enough how pleased we have been with David Cummings Insurance Services over the years and our recent dealing with Gwyneth Laidlaw is just the icing on the cake!

Yours truly,

Martyn J. Clark
Clarks Maritime

Corporate Clients

The University of British Columbia
International House Student
Development & Services

To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me great pleasure to recommend to you David Cummings Insurance Services. Having worked with the staff at David Cummings Insurance over the past twelve months, I can attest that they are highly skilled professionals who provide outstanding service to each and every client.... They are an important part of our team as we make UBC and Vancouver a welcoming place for international students....

Our institution has been so impressed with their services that, after ten years of informal affiliation, we chose David Cummings Insurance as the accredited broker of record for our new mandatory insurance program for new international students.... As we are not experts in insurance, our staff has relied heavily on the wise counsel of David Cummings and his staff, with excellent results. The mandatory program is going so well that we will expand it next year to include over 400 incoming exchange students.

Let me say again what a delight it has been to work with David Cummings Insurance Services thus far. I recommend them most highly and would be happy to speak with you further if I can provide further information. My hat goes off to David Cummings and his staff for their dedication, hard work, and commitment to helping their clients—and our administrators—breathe a little easier.


Michelle Szabo Suderman, M.Ed.
Coordinator, International Student Development & Advising
Tel: 604-822-1336

DCIS understand the needs of immigrants, be it workers or families. We truly appreciate the care that they take with each enquiry and the rapid response to last minute requests. DCIS will always be the “go to” agency for all our immigrant insurance needs.

Michael Patterson
International Recruitment Director
Pro Hire Solutions