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International Travellers

We provide a range of solutions for international travel. Expatriates who desire a robust private health plan for an extended or indefinite period of time outside their home country are directed to consider an DCIS Expatriate Health Insurance Plan. Travellers seeking ‘emergency’ medical insurance for personal or business travel are directed to an international travel insurance. Where there are supplementary travel plans specifically designed for Canadian Residents who have Provincial Health Insurance, for travellers who are not Canadian Residents we sell ‘stand-alone’ travel insurance from the following providers:

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Patriot Travel (Emergency) Medical Plans

IMG’s “Patriot Travel” plans are designed to cover emergency medical expenses arising from unforeseen illness or injury.  There are a range of plans within the Patriot product line, and among the options the “Patriot Platinum” offers the best coverage.  

NOTE:  The eligibility criteria for IMG Patriot plans are listed in the “Sample Contract” documents specific to each plan.  It is essential to download and preview the Eligibility criteria prior to purchasing a policy to confirm that all applicants meet those criteria because the criteria are not made explicit on the paper or online application forms.  We also want to highlight that one of IMG’s eligibility criteria for Patriot travel plans is that one must “not be pregnant on the initial effective date.”

As with all medical insurance plans, there are coverage exclusions, limitations, and conditions.  Please refer to the sample Patriot Plan contract pdf documents available for download from the online quotation page, and let us know if you have questions.  


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  • Updated: May 2019