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Applying for Permanent Residency

Coverage options for someone applying for Permanent Resident status in Canada include:

  • an Expatriate Health Insurance Plan
  • an “Inpatriates to Canada” plan
  • a Visitors to Canada Travel Plan

  • “Visitors to Canada” and “Inpatriates to Canada” plans are both designed to cover emergency medical treatment in case of an accident or unforeseen onset of acute symptoms of sickness or injury. Beyond the point the emergency treatment is completed, the coverage is limited with respect to follow-up or continuing medical care, and is subject to pre-approval by the insurance company. These ‘emergency medical’ plans also give the Insurer the option to exclude expenses for medical treatment that can be “reasonably delayed until the insured returns to their country of origin (whether or not they intend to return) by the next available means of transportation unless approved in advance.”

    Given the ‘emergency treatment’ scope of both ‘visitor’ and ‘inpatriate’ plans, the premiums are on the low end of the spectrum compared to more robust international health plans available in the marketplace.

    In contrast, an International Health Plan designed for expatriates typically offers:

    • a much higher sum of insurance,
    • more generous benefits regarding medically necessary follow-up / continuing medical treatment (beyond one’s initial emergency treatment)
    • ability to renew coverage without having to medically re-qualify for coverage, meaning that continuation of treatment for an injury or sickness that existed in one policy term can be covered in subsequent renewal policies.

    In light of these advantages, such renewable international health plans have much higher premiums compared to emergency medical plans.

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