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Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada and Persons Awaiting Provincial Health Coverage

We strongly recommend that clients contact one of our insurance agents so that we may learn about your insurance needs and circumstances, and so we can quote on plans most appropriate to your situation. Consultation with an insurance agent is especially important if you are concerned about covering a pre-existing medical condition and/or pregnancy/maternity care. Please see our Quotation Request Form to review the information we ask about so that we can offer you a well-informed proposal.

About 'Visitors to Canada' (VTC) Insurance:

Many Canadian insurance companies market “Visitors to Canada” medical insurance. This type of medical plan is essentially “travel health insurance” for visitors designed to cover unexpected medical emergencies. This type of plan does not cover routine or non-emergency health care for a chronic condition. In response to an unforeseen medical emergency due to sickness or injury, visitor plans cover the initial emergency medical care, and only a limited degree of follow-up consultation. On Emergency Plans the insurer has the right to require the policy holder to return to their country of origin for continuing medical care, once he or she has been declared medically fit to travel home.

Insurance for Parents & Grandparents Super Visa

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has specific requirements of applicants to the Super Visa with respect to medical insurance. Applicants are required to submit proof of a private medical insurance policy which:
  1. Is valid for a minimum of one year
  2. Is issued from a Canadian Insurance Company
  3. Has a minimum coverage limit of $100,000
  4. Covers health care, hospitalization, and repatriation expenses
  5. Is valid for each (I.E. multiple) entry into Canada
  6. Is available for review by a port of entry officer

Visitors and their Sponsors are advised to select a medical plan that satisfies both:
  1. CIC’s Super Visa application requirements, and
  2. Their particular needs / preferences which could include:
a) Coverage for a past / current (“Pre-Existing”) medical condition
b) Coverage for travel outside Canada
c) Payment of premium over installments vs. full payment up front
d) Choice of deductible

For a personalized quotation, submit a Quotation Request Form or just contact us:

DCIS Preferred Providers for Visitors to Canada insurance:

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To apply for insurance:

Print the application form, complete it, sign it and submit to DCIS by Email, Fax or Mail:

  • Email a scanned copy or digital photo of the application form to DCIS, or
  • Fax the application form to Fax Number 604-228-9807
  • Note: If paying by credit card we strongly recommend calling in your credit card information rather than sending it over email or fax.